What does it mean to be a Deaf woman growing up in today’s society? Are there obstacles? Hardship? Struggles? Those are only some of the battles that I’ve had to endure growing up as a youngster, teenager, and young adult. Let me tell you, I’m from the city of Brampton in Ontario, Canada. My household was nothing but calm. My sense of safety was jeopardized at every turn. As I write these words, the physical, mental, and emotional pain still runs through the psyche of my being since I’ve taken my first breath of life. I believe I have a purpose in life; first and foremost a wife and mother of my children. I’m so thankful that my children do not endure what I had to go through in the past with my own mom and dad. I want to get my story out in this world; it is a certain and difficult truth and terribly biased due to my family’s upbringing and culture. Sometimes digging up old skeletons out of the closet and exposing them are the only way to release the pain and let go. It is freeing, not only from within myself but all around me. Perhaps this book would be a welcoming balm for others who have gone through similar, horrible childhood as I have experienced. No one should have to go through what I went through. If you know of someone who is going through these types of experiences, ask them to have professional help and get the state involved for one’s protection and those of children. See Amazon and B&N to buy the book or contact me.