This event is a true story for many in the Deaf community, with no access to communication at home. Studies show that 95% of hearing parents do not feel it is necessary to learn sign language to communication with their Deaf babies. only about 5% of hearing parents do learn to sign and that makes way for a healthy development free of language deprivation. The period from birth to four years of age is incredibly important for language exposure and Deaf children deserve to have access to language as well as a close relationship with their family. Perhaps this book would be a welcoming balm for others who have gone through similar, sometime horrible childhood experiences. No one should have to go through what I went through. If you know of someone experiences these types of situation educate the parents, provide resources that service the Deaf community (such as hearing and Deaf Service) or in dire circumstances , get the state involved for protection of our children. This book strives to bridge the glaring gap between the hearing community and the Deaf or Deaf-Blind community.

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